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North Antrim Challenge Walk ( 17M ) - 13 Sep 15 [more info]

Antrim Coast and Glens

This region contains some of the most beautiful and varied scenery in Northern Ireland. The area is dominated by a high undulating plateau cut by deep glens which open north and eastwards to the sea. It is an area of contrasts: gentle bays are separated by blunt headlands: exposed moorland gives way to sheltered valleys: wide open expanses to enclosed farmland.

Slemish mountain rises abruptly, its wildness in sharp contrast to the neat fields of the Braid Valley below. The area has a rich cultural heritage, folklore is alive and well and there are close associations with Scotland. Rathlin Island, lying offshore to the north, is rich in historical, geological and botanical interest.

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13 Sep 15 - Sun
17 m
13 Sep 15 - Sun
11 m



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